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Resources for Retros

The best places to go to generate agile retrospective ideas.


The classic – More then 100 exercises for all the 5 phases of a retrospective. Some of them are with pictures, all of them a short and easy to conduct. A great start!

Visit Retromat


If you want to save time and have great retrospectives, this could be it. Adam provides you with a complete retrospective toolbox every month, including the workshop material and online coaching – but you will have to pay.

Visit Recess

Liberating Structures

Liberating structures is a menu of 33 great unconventional workshop formats. They are applicable in your retrospective and in all other kinds of organisational meetings. The business world can definitely learn from this!

Visit Liberating Structures


The atlassian team playbook contains 44 team activities from the health monitor to a “Change Managemement Kick-Off”. So it is not specifically for retrospectives. Really helpful: It gives you to an estimation of workshop time, difficulty and the right number of participants.

Visit Atlassian Playbook


Offers a few workshops with very specific instructions, pictures and personal suggestions of Don and Michael. It has exercises to warm up and to go deeper. Totally recommend!

Visit tastycupcakes


40 short and sweet ideas for agile retrospectives, ordered by the typical 5 phases. What is great: Every exercise is accompanied by a picture of a flipchart that helps you understand what to do.

Visit agilestrides


Similar to retromat, echomat helps to find workshop formats. echomat’s focus is to leverage psychological research to help you discover workshops that are specifically designed to solve your team’s challenges.

Visit echomat.org

Google Re:Work

Re:Work is a website where “Google” shares its insights of its internal people analytics initiatives. Totally data driven and generally helpful in context of organisational development – but the focus is not on an agile context. Still, specific workshops for e.g. creating a vision or how to set the right kinds of goals are really helpful!

Visit Google Re:work

eBook: 12 workshops on “mindset change”

This 80+ page free eBook includes 12 heavy retrospective workshops. It has been written by a psychologist and includes some very nice, insightful retrospective ideas.

Visit free eBook on Mindset change

The Virtual Agile Coach

The Virtual Agile Coach provides many retrospective ideas including comments with experiences from practitioners, recommendations and even whiteboard templates to download!

Visit The Virtual Agile Coach

Project Scagile – Scaling Agile

This one is heavily interesting for those who want to scale agile in their organization: Using dozens of interviews with senior agiile practitioners, it offers 7 free webinars on the 7 typical mistakes within agile transformation – including agile retrospectives.

Visit Project Scagile

eBook: 20+ tips for facilitating retros

If you want to learn how to establish an effective change process through retrospectives, this free eBook with 20+ facilitation tips is a source of lot of inspiration.

Visit free eBook with 20+ tips for retrospectives

The Retrospective Exercises Toolbox

The retrospective exercises toolbox from Ben Linders includes 70 exercises, 19 agile coaching tools and a lot more that will help any Scrum Master & Agile Coach to have productive and fun retrospectives.

Visit The Retrospective Exercises Toolbox

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