The “Start, Stop, Continue” Retro – why it sucks and what you should do instead

Start Stop Continue

The “start, stop, continue” retro is an agile retrospective technique that almost every scrum master and project manager knows as a must-have tool for agile retrospective meetings. It is known as an action-oriented retrospective style that supports continuous improvement of your agile collaboration. But all that glitters is not gold: There is something about this […]

Starfish Retro Format – Keep, Stop, Start, Less, More

Starfish retrospective

When thinking of starfishes you’re probably thinking of your next vacation, boat tours and nice ocean breezes. I guess you’re not thinking about how to plan your next agile retrospective meeting with your colleagues. But there’s every reason to broaden your horizons. To support you with that we’ll explain to you what the Starfish Retro […]

The “Mad, sad, glad” Retro Format

When talking about agile collaboration at a certain point the term “retrospective” will come up. Agile retrospectives are defined as regular meetings of a team to examine past collaboration and to derive suggestions for improvement for future cooperation. You can read further into this topic in our article about How to run great retrospectives. There […]

4L Retrospective: Liked – Lacked – Learned – Longed for

Agile retrospective meetings are a major part of agile collaboration. Since there are many different ways on how to set them up it can be quite difficult to see through all the possibilities that are given. In general agile retrospective meetings are defined as regular meetings of a team to examine past collaboration and to […]

How to run a great retrospective

Retrospective is a term which is often used in the same sentences as agile, collaborative work, scrum and teams. But what exactly is an agile retrospective? Since there are many different ways to run a retrospective one might ask which is the best practice. One thing is for sure: there is no perfect way to […]